Paquet de café de spécialité Guatemala, Ouganda, Éthiopie, torréfacteur breton
El rico blend maison pour espresso du cafe 1802
"El Rico" - New Blend Organic
Cerise de café en cours de séchage sur lit africain pour du nos cafés de spécialité
"El Rico" - New Blend Organic

"El Rico" - New Blend Organic

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Choice of grind

Aromatic profile: fruity, chocolate.
Acidity: 1
Body: 4
Roasting: medium
Barista Tip: espresso

  • Country: Guatemala - Ecuador - Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1400 - 1900 m
  • Process: Washed/ Natural
  • Variety: Blend Arabica
  • Producers: small producers
  • SCA rating*: 85

Certified organic.

Espresso blend. This blend represents our vision of espresso: clever balance between deliciousness and liveliness. We use 3 coffees all grown organically: Guatemala for its praline and gourmet notes, Ecuador for fruity and woody notes and finally Ethiopia for elegance.

    Process: The 2 coffees from America are washed, Ethiopia is natural.

    *SCA rating: This rating is defined according to criteria established by the Specialty Coffee Association. A coffee is considered to be specialty when it exceeds a score of 80. The main criteria are: aromas, acidity, body, aftertaste, balance, etc.

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