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Like all equipment, professional coffee machines and grinders need regular maintenance.

The first interview is the selection of your coffee . In fact, some coffees are roasted too much and will release a lot of oil. This will cause your machine and grinder to clog much more quickly and therefore affect the quality of your coffee and the lifespan of the equipment.

Our maintenance services for your equipment.

Professional coffee machine maintenance

* Descaling professional coffee machine
For DéLonghi type automatic machines, descaling is necessary every month. You can buy the coffee machine descaling product here.
For manual coffee machines such as La Marzocco and Ascaso, descaling is necessary every evening as well as cleaning of the steam nozzles.

* Routine maintenance
On all models, the water filtration systems must be changed regularly. The frequency depends on the type and model of machine.
On manual bar, café and restaurant machines, the seals must be changed every year.

Professional coffee grinder maintenance

Each time you change your coffee, it is important to clean the grinder with granules suitable for food contact.

Every week, carry out this same operation to maintain the wheels of your mill and ensure optimal grinding quality.

Every month, completely disassemble your mill for a thorough cleaning of the hopper and grinding stones.

Contact us to obtain a diagnosis of your equipment.

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