Les 2 fondateurs du coffee shop et de la marque de café de spécialité "café 1802" Les 2 fondateurs du coffee shop et de la marque de café de spécialité "café 1802"

Who are we ?

A roaster and a barista

Our history

Café 1802 was created in August 2017 by 2 friends who are passionate about coffee. One roaster Renaud and the other barista Fred , decided to create Café 1802 in order to promote specialty coffee in Rennes .

The barista


A bit of a jack of all trades, he manages the coffee shop and relations with professionals. Never tell him you're not in a hurry because he loves to talk and sometimes even forgets to serve you your coffee.

Come and discover the machines he has selected so that you can be a real barista at home:

The roaster


His passion is coffee. A true shadow worker, he spends most of the time in his roasting workshop in Saint-Thuriau.

For you, he selects the best coffee beans by traveling directly to the producers (particularly in Peru). He then roasts them so that you can appreciate each coffee at its true value.

Discover Renaud’s selection of coffees:



At Café 1802, she is the Chef. Every week she prepares savory dishes and pastries that will tickle our taste buds.

Its cuisine is generous and there is something for everyone (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free...).

To drool over Marie's creations, it's here:

the darling


He's the modern-day barista. He is on the lookout for the latest innovations to always improve our coffee recipes.

He loves playing with water temperature, grind size, coffee quantity, to explore everything a coffee shop can offer.

He is the one who runs the Café 1802 workshops. To register, click here: