Masterclass & training

Become a coffee expert

You're welcome, being a barista can't be invented!

You have all the necessary equipment, but you have the impression that your coffee machine is broken at least 4 times a day (the espresso does not flow or too quickly...)? Do you want to train your staff in Latte Art techniques (the famous heart on Cappuccino) and different milk drinks? Do you want to spend some time with your team outside of work and learn more about the world of coffee?

Choose the training that suits you:

Espresso barista

To learn the basic barista gestures:
- espresso recipe;
- mill adjustment;
- introduction to milk frothing to prepare milk drinks...

Latte Art

To go further into milk drinks and start Latte Art :
- definitions and recipes for different milk drinks;
- introduction to latte art;
- optimization of work routines.

Slow Coffee Barista

Because there's more to life than espresso, slow down and discover the slow or gentle methods.

The other side of the grain

History, sociology, economies and exchanges around coffee through the centuries.

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