"El diviso" - Colombia
Paysage du Mont Elgon qui est la provenance de notre nouveau café de spécialité
Producteur de café utilisant un process de café lavé pour du café de spécialité
Cerise de café récoltée à la main pour du café de qualité et spécialité issue de l'agriculture biologique et durable

"El diviso" - Colombia

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Aromatic profile: Fruity, blackcurrant, lively
Acidity: 4
Body: 3
Roasting: medium
Barista tip : Aeropress, espresso
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: San, Agustin, Huila
  • Altitude: 18,00 m
  • Process: washed with extended fermentation
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Producer: Blanca Aurora Bolaños
  • SCA rating*: 86+

About the producer:

The beautiful forest surrounding El Diviso Farm and the spectacular view of the valley are breathtaking. Finca Diviso is owned by Señora Blanca Bolaños .
Blanca was born and raised in San Agustin in the department of Huila and also grows beans, peas and corn. However, Blanca is passionate about coffee and has followed several training courses. She also engaged with InConexus in the Women Power and Huila programs . Additionally, she has also participated in various competitions, such as the prestigious Coupe d'Excellence . She was ranked among the finalists three years in a row.
She considers that all these investments and efforts contribute to the quality of her coffees and the stability of her income. She also hopes to be able to prove, especially to the younger generation in the area, that coffee, with time and dedication, is a valuable career path.

About the process:

  • Picking method: hand picked.
  • Processing Method: The coffee is kept whole and fermented overnight, then it is pulped and put in a covered tank for 28 to 33 hours.
  • Drying: 12 to 16 days under a parabolic bed (it allows uniform exposure to the sun and air of the coffee, as well as better circulation of humidity.

*SCA rating: This rating is defined according to criteria established by the Specialty Coffee Association. A coffee is considered to be specialty when it exceeds a score of 80. The main criteria are: aromas, acidity, body, aftertaste, balance, etc.