"Guadalupe" - El Salvador - Natural
"Guadalupe" - El Salvador - Natural
Sachet de café du Salvador, café de spécialité Guadalupe
"Guadalupe" - El Salvador - Natural
Ferme de café de spécialité producteur du café 1802

"Guadalupe" - El Salvador - Natural

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Aromatic profile: hazelnut, stewed apple
Acidity: 2
Body: 3
Roast: 108
Barista Tip: aeropress
  • Country: El Salvador
  • Region: Apaneca, Santa Ana
  • Altitude: 145 0 m
  • Process: Natural
  • Variety: Bourbon, pacas
  • Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria
  • SCA rating*: 86

Salaverria family coffees belong to the category of coffees to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Gourmet, smooth and sweet, Guadalupe is a selection of red Bourbon and pacas perfectly suited to a versatile Aeropress or for a super sweet espresso.

About the producers:

Guadalupe holds a special place for José Antonio Salaverria Snr. because this is his first farm. This is also where he learned about coffee growing by working with old Bourbon plants. In recent years other varieties have been planted from Catuai and Pacas, at an altitude of 1450 m and this year they decided to produce a natural coffee.
Located on the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range, Guadalupe is one of the JASAL 3 group farms with all cherries harvested then delivered to their central processing plant, Las Cruces. Here, the coffees are meticulously sorted and each batch is traceable back to the plot.
Now in their 6th generation of coffee history, JASAL's operations have always been a family affair and are now overseen by brothers Jose Antonio and Andres Salaverria. Their commitment to community initiatives is evident and helps maintain qualified staff by strengthening education, and providing free housing and health care.

About the process:

The importer Nordic Approach regularly increases its purchases of natural products with the Salaverria family. They benefit from good climatic conditions for naturals: a dry and not too hot climate. Slow drying on African beds of cherries diminishes the flavor of the ferment and pulp and contributes to a cleaner, more complex profile. The result is a delicate coffee, practically devoid of pulp.

*SCA note: This rating is defined according to criteria established by the Specialty Coffee Association. A coffee is considered to be specialty when it exceeds a score of 80. The main criteria are: aromas, acidity, body, aftertaste, balance, etc.